FDOT Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic (ONLINE)

Course Overview 

In this course we will review the following topics; exploring real-world situations along with the policy foundations and tools/equipment used in maintenance of traffic / temporary traffic control:

  • Create clear and concise temporary traffic control plans excluding barriers
  • Understanding and application of traffic control devices on the APL
  • Ability to understand and apply concepts in Standard Plans 102-600 series
  • Set up and breakdown of traffic control zones
  • Consulting with Traffic Operations during construction operations expected to impact daily traffic flows
  • Referencing the appropriate Standard Plans Index and necessary modifications
  • Developing clear plan notes and specifications for temporary traffic control
  • Developing plans and notes to clearly identify work zone phasing

Training and Exam

The FDOT Maintenance of Traffic / Temporary Traffic Control – Intermediate level course is 16 hours in length including testing.  This class is held both On Site (In-person) as well as Online.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Testing will include 50 multiple choice tests.  The test will be open book and open notes.  The instructor will prepare you for the tool necessary to complete the test and understand the material.  This preparation will focus on the use of the table of contents on index 102-600 sheet 1 of 11 and the table of contents denoting the typical applications found in index 102-601 through index 102-680.

Onsite courses allow for the instructor to better interact with he student.  And many individuals do not do well with the addition of interacting with the computer poses.  Tampa Bay Training, provides many Onsite Classes at your location with a minimum of 5 individuals (travel charges many apply based on location).

Online training classes are convenient and allow you to take the course from the comfort of your own home or office.

This is the online course.

Students will be provided with a copy of the standard plans (either electronically or print), MS PowerPoint  Notes, and quick reference handouts.

The successful student will be provided with a wallet card and certificate from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

$275.00/person | Online 16-hours

Travel charges may apply based on zip code.

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