Coaching Systems

Coaching Systems®’ Coaching Series® of driver and occupational safety training programs are based on the “coaching” method of non-lecture, structured discussion training that is highly effective with adult learners. Since the first “Coaching” program in 1983, CS’s series has grown to include nearly 50 programs.

Its enthusiastic acceptance by the safety community — from safety professionals, loss control specialists and risk managers to class participants — can be directly attributed to:

  • The use of a variety of educational methods that encourage participants to actively participate throughout the training.

  • The integrated training package design, which contains all the materials necessary for a complete presentation.

  • The instructor-friendly format, which is fully scripted and requires minimal preparation time.

  • CS’s research and development process that constantly seeks to determine how to make the training better.

Tampa Bay Training provides a number of Coaching Systems classes including : Coaching the Experienced Driver Plus, Coaching the Van Driver 4, Coaching the Lift Truck Operator 3, Coaching the Utility Truck Driver 2, Coaching the Maintenance Vehicle Operator 2, and Coaching the Professional Truck Driver 2. These in-person/onsite classes often rang from 3-4 hours. They are interactive and solicit much conversation with the class’s students regarding their work environment, company policy, and specifics regarding their work activities/duties.”

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