Emergency Planning & Response (8 Hour) (ONLINE)

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In the event of an emergency, preparedness is critical for action to be taken in the initial minutes of an emergency. Every facility should develop and implement an emergency plan to protect employees, visitors, and anyone else in the facility. 


Short Description

In the event of an emergency, preparedness is critical.  For action to be taken before in preparation of, the initial moments, to the recovery of an emergency.

Every government agency has a responsibility to develop, exercise and implement emergency management plans to protect their employees, residents, businesses, and visitors.  We help prepare your agency for these emergency situations.


  • Risk assessment to identify potential hazards
  • Protective actions for life safety
  • Stabilization of incident
  • Minimizing potential damage
  • Protection of the environment
  • Employee training
  • Communications
  • Containment
  • Damage assessment and 
  • Post-emergency actions


Minimum of 5 registered

Course Length

Approximately 8 hours


The class is taught ONLINE with a minimum of 5 registered and uses Zoom and SurveyMonkey.

Classes can be scheduled by calling our offices at 813.420.5891.  Our administrative staff will send you an estimate within 24 hours and will assist in scheduling your class.