Tampa Bay Training is recognized but the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as Instructor #15 and Inspector #303.

The FSESCI Program is a training and certification program implemented by the Water Quality Restoration Program that is designed to teach and qualify students to perform stormwater inspections on construction and development sites. The goals of this program include educating installers and inspectors on proper Best Management Practice (BMP) selection, installation, layering, maintenance, and restoration, and how to correctly inspect BMPs for use during and after construction to minimize and eliminate onsite and offsite impacts from uncontrolled erosion, sedimentation, and other polluted discharges.

The FSESCI program is a two-day class that follows the curriculum in the Florida Stormwater, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Inspector’s Manual. Upon the completion of the class, a 1-hour proctored examination is administered and a minimum passing grade of 70 percent is required to receive the FSESCI Qualified Inspector certificate.

Becoming a FSESCI Qualified Inspector allows one to perform stormwater inspections in the State of Florida in fulfillment of the requirements of the NPDES Construction Generic Permit (CGP).

Tampa Bay Training’s Principal, Pete Cavalli, MPA has been involved in several elements of the NPDES program since the EPA devolved the program in Florida starting in 2000. We have been involved with Annual Report Writing, Public Education, Multi’-Agency Coordination and Certification Training. We also helped with related grant writing.

We provide interactive online and in-person / onsite. We provide this training to anyone operating in the State of Florida.

These online or in-person/onsite classes often rang from 12-16 hours. They are interactive and solicit much conversation with the class’s students regarding their work environment, company policy, and specifics regarding their work activities/duties.

Safety, Operations and Management Training Onsite Throughout Florida and Online.We specialize in making your life easy by providing the training you need, when you need it and on your budget. Provider of FDOT TTC (All Levels), FDEP FSESCI, GI-BMP, CPR/AED/First Aid, and more.

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