New Off-Site Stormwater Management Resources from EPA

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New Off-Site Stormwater Management Resources from EPA

EPA is pleased to announce the newest off-site stormwater management resources:

The multiple benefits of green infrastructure are most significant when nature-based solutions are installed throughout a community. Off-site stormwater management can provide options for operators of development and redevelopment projects to meet post-construction stormwater performance standards outside the right-of-way or limit of the area of development in some circumstances. This flexibility can facilitate achieving additional environmental and planning goals in the community, such as implementation of green infrastructure in areas not undergoing development. EPA recently developed several off-site stormwater management case studies to provide examples of a range of strategies used by local and state governments. EPA’s next Green Infrastructure Webcast (July 26, 2023, at 2pm ET) will feature speakers from Washington, DC, Grand Rapids, MI, and St. Paul, MN who will share their experiences developing and implementing off-site stormwater management programs. Attendees will learn about different types of off-site stormwater management arrangements and how such flexibilities can promote green infrastructure.

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