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We provide the classes that you need to build your team and ensure that you team has the credentials they need to be employed in their respective fields.

who are we, what do we do and why do we do it ?

Tampa Bay Training was founded by Peter Cavalli, MPA. The first iteration of this training and consulting firm was started in 2011 and we have been providing training for cities and counties ever since.

our most in demand classes

We offer many of our classes online or in-person throughout Florida.  Online classes are often open enrollment classes that anyone sign up for to take.  These online classes are instructor-led and us Microsoft Teams for the online presentation portion of these classes and SurveyMonkey to provide the tests.  These classes are posted here as well as at

We also often in-person classes at your location.  These private classes are actually our cup of tea.  We travel throughout Florida  to assist our municipal (local government) clients in achieving their training goals.

Feel free to call us at 813.420.5891 to schedule your class(es) at your location (with a minimum of 7 registered). 

Temporary Traffic Control / Maintenance of Traffic Classes


Stormwater & Landscape Management Classes


Commercial Driving & Equipment Operations Classes


CPR, AED, First Aid And
Bloodborne Pathogens Classes


General Safety & OSHA-Related Classes


Emergency Management Classes


Supervision, Management and Leadership Classes


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Safety, Operations and Management Training Onsite Throughout Florida and Online.We specialize in making your life easy by providing the training you need, when you need it and on your budget. Provider of FDOT TTC (All Levels), FDEP FSESCI, GI-BMP, CPR/AED/First Aid, and more.

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